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Climate Controlled Storage in Montgomery, Alabama
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Maxwell Mini Storage has Climate Controlled Storage in Montgomery, Alabama

We’re conveniently located next to Maxwell AFB, near the Birmingham Hwy, Downtown Montgomery and Interstate Highways I-65 & I-85.

Our Climate Control Units are designed to protect your valuables from the extreme Alabama weather conditions by monitoring indoor temperature and humidity levels.


Warm, moist environments promote the growth of mold and mildew, which can quickly degrade materials like fabrics, wood and paper. These climate conditions also accelerate a chemical process called oxidation – better known as rust – a reddish-brown coating that forms on iron and steel surfaces. Additionally, high temperatures can affect the color and sheen of many surfaces, especially plastics. Regulating climatic conditions at a constant level retards the development of mold, mildew and rust, providing additional protection for your valuables.

Climate Controlled Storage is essential for the preservation of items that are sensitive to the extreme levels and sudden variations of our climate, especially temperature and humidity. For long-term storage, this could apply to nearly any of your possessions.


Climate typically refers to the usual weather conditions in a particular place or region, either indoors or outside.

There are several elements that make up the climate of a place. Two of these elements are temperature and humidity.
1. Temperature is how hot or cold the surrounding air is.

2. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere.
In the Southeastern United States, and specifically in the Montgomery, Alabama River Region, extreme climatic changes are commonplace.

Montgomery, Alabama is well-known for its hot temperatures and relentless summer humidity, with daily high and low relative humidity levels at 86.2 % and 51.6 %, respectively. This combination of temperature and humidity can be a recurring problem for stored items, causing damage to furniture, documents, vehicles and other valuables.


We set the temperature for the entire building. Our Climate Controlled features will keep all of your valuables dry and protected from the elements. We keep the units at an average 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18° Celsius), ranging from a low of approximately 55° F and a high temperature of approximately 80° F.

This temperature range is optimal for art, antiques and electronics – anything sensitive to extreme temperatures with a tendency to fade or crack.


Most people are familiar with standard Self Storage Units. But there is a HUGE difference in the typical storage unit compared with a Humidity Controlled Storage Unit. Humidity controlled self storage units are upgraded versions of the standard (or traditional) self storage unit. Humidity Controlled self storage usually maintains humidity levels around 55%. We Regulate Both. Maxwell Mini Storage provides Storage Units that regulate BOTH temperature AND humidity. This allows you to store your valuables during a cold, hot, humid and/or rainy day – whatever Mother Nature throws at us!


Some of the ways Climate Control provides extra protection:

  • Retards rot due to high humidity in paper products like documents and pictures
  • Reduces exposure to extreme temperature variations for high-dollar items such as computers and other electronics
  • Protects home furnishings from wood rot, especially antiques exposed to high humidity
  • Deters mold growth and rust in the metal springs of mattresses exposed to excessive moisture
  • Protects musical instruments, such as a piano, that are sensitive to changes in environmental conditions and high humidity, which can lead to rust and wood rot


Although more expensive, the cost of Climate Controlled Storage can be easily justified for more expensive items like antique furniture or smaller Recreational Vehicles.

Often considered priceless, family heirlooms like old photographs, handwritten letters, treasured books or other keepsakes are perfect candidates for Climate Control.

Local businesses may simply need to free up expensive office floor space, but still need quick and easy access to paper documents, office supplies and seasonal marketing materials.


A C-130 Hercules aircraft of the 908th Airlift Wing takes off from Maxwell Air Force Base with the wing’s maintenance hangars in the background. By United States Air Force [Public domain], Maxwell Mini Storage is located next to Maxwell Air Force Base (hence, our name  ).Still not convinced we have extreme temperature fluctuations?Have a look below at the 2-day forecast for Maxwell AFB.


Never cover your belongings with plastic material!The plastic can cause unwanted condensation and ruin your belongings.

Climate Humor

“Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.” ~ Mark Twain


In many cases, preserving the integrity and legibility of paper documents has less to do with their perceived value and more to do with legal compliance.Attorneys, Accountants and Engineers generate thousands of paper documents and drawings every year, many of which are considered “permanent” records, and by law, can never be destroyed. In these instances, off-site Climate Controlled Storage can be an affordable solution for compliance with government regulations when managing paper-based documents and records.
Our Climate Controlled Storage Buildings and units are accessible 7 days a week between the hours of 7am & 7pm.For your safety, we’ve installed emergency call buttons, 24-hour video surveillance and electronically controlled access in our Climate Controlled Facilities.Don’t let the heat wear you down, or the moisture dampen your day (or your possessions).

Contact Maxwell Mini Storage and learn more about the benefits of Climate Control.

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