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How To Keep Your Storage Unit Pest And Rodent Free

How to keep your storage unit pest and rodent free

It’s one thing to have to deal with pests in your house, and it’s another thing to deal with them in your storage unit. The reason many people go for self-storage is that they know their belongings and things will have a haven. Your storage unit should be pest-free, but unfortunately, these creatures are very stubborn. If you continuously battle pests and rodents in your storage unit, today is your lucky day. In this article, we’ll be dropping tips on how to keep your storage unit, pest, and rodent-free.

Keep food away from your storage unit

One sure-fire way to attract pests and rodents into your storage unit is by keeping food in it. Food has no business being in your storage unit. It probably seems like a simple concept, but you will want to be positive that the items you’re storing won’t have food contained in it.

It is recommended you do a deep cleaning of everything you plan to put in your self-storage so you can get rid of every food crumb. It is also advisable you clean the storage unit before moving in.

Seal your belongings well

Everything you plan to store in your storage unit should be kept in airtight containers. Pests won’t be able to tamper with your belongings if they’re all sealed tightly. .It would help if you kept things like plates, clothes, books etc. inside cardboard boxes. It is recommended, however, that you keep fabrics inside plastic containers. You can seal things that can’t fit inside boxes or containers with plastic wraps. Proper wrapping will protect your belongings from pests.

Cover your furniture

You would be surprised at the amounts of pests your furniture attracts. Apart from the resident bed bugs, mattresses and other upholsteries have become a favorite space for pests. Rodents that venture into your storage unit may also try to chew into your furniture to find food. How do you prevent this?

Seal all your furniture and upholstery with a plastic wrap. It’s important to wrap your furniture the right way. If you wrap your furniture too tight, it can mildew and rot. Wrap your furniture tight enough that they can get air while keeping pests away.

Get a pest conscious storage facility

Before you rent a storage space, you should find out if the storage facility regularly sanitizes the area.  A lot of storage facilities don’t clean the environment properly. A poorly kept environment will attract all manners of pests and rodents. Before you rent that self-storage space, check if the environment is clean and tidy. If you are in the Montgomery area, Maxwell Mini Storage offers pest-free self-storage options.

Pests and rodents shouldn’t be something you have to deal with in your self-storage. By taking preventive measures, your belongings will be free of pest and rodent interference. Sadly, you can take all the preventive measures you want, and your storage facility may still make things hard for you. We, at Maxwell Mini Storage, routinely check all our self-storage facilities for pests and act accordingly. We do our best so you won’t have to deal with pests and rodents. If you’re in the Montgomery area, you can contact us, and we will answer any questions you have.

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