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Motorcycle Storage Montgomery, Alabama

Maxwell Mini Storage rents space for Motorcycle Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.

We are conveniently located near Maxwell AFB, serving the Montgomery River Region and beyond.


Motorcycle Storage Solutions

Many people don’t think of a Motorcycle as a necessity, but don’t say that to a “Weekend Warrior”!

Whether you’re an “Outlaw Biker” or a member of a Motorcycle Club, finding appropriate storage for your motorcycle is something you may eventually need.

Parking is very scarce in some areas, especially if you live in an apartment.

Although you might be able to park your motorcycle outside, you may be exposing your bike to vandalism and damage from the elements. This is the time to consider a self-storage facility like Maxwell Mini Storage.

Motorcycle Storage Facility

When searching for a Self-Storage Facility for your Motorcycle, there are a few factors to consider, like:

  • How often you use the motorcycle
  • Its overall condition
  • The weather conditions in your area

Outdoor Motorcycle Storage will be less expensive than an Indoor Storage Unit, but you must still contend with temperature extremes (hot and cold) and the sun’s damaging rays. However, Outdoor Storage may be acceptable in cold weather months if you ride your motorcycle frequently to keep it warm and running well. If you don’t plan to use your bike until nicer weather rolls around, be sure to make Motorcycle Winter Storage preparations.

Motorcycle Storage Units

Sun damage can ruin your motorcycle’s seats and tires, so Indoor Vehicle Storage may be your only option in very hot climates like you find in Montgomery and Central Alabama. Sunlight exposure will make tires deflate and even crack in extreme temperatures.

The seat of your motorcycle may also begin to crack or peel. Paint oxidation may be another consequence of excessive sun exposure. All of these things can drastically reduce the value of your bike, so Indoor Motorcycle Storage Rental may be worth the extra money if you have a classic model to protect. Indoor Motorcycle Storage will also help protect your bike from damage caused by insects or animals.

Motorcycle Tent

If you must store your motorcycle outside, be sure to always use a protective cover, such as a Motorcycle Storage Tent, to keep bird droppings and dirt off of the paint.

And remember, we also have Motorcycle Trailer Rentals available when you need to tow your bike(s) to your favorite getaway location.

Maxwell Mini Storage is a Motorcycle Storage Facility in Montgomery, Alabama – ideally located less than 2 miles from the Interstate 65/85 interchange, making it even easier to quickly access your bike and hit the open road whenever the urge hits you.
If riding your “hog” has become your Sunday afternoon ritual, it might be time to contact Maxwell Mini Storage and discover how we can help you continue the tradition!

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