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Moving Checklist

August 18, 2015

Maxwell Mini Storage provides Self-Moving & Storage services in Montgomery, Alabama. We hope the following checklist makes your move a little easier.

Are you planning a big move to start a job in a different city?

Are you a college student moving away from home for the first time?

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran at moving or a first-time novice, it’s easy to forget something in all the bustle and excitement.

Use this handy checklist to help guide you through the process and minimize the chances of forgetting something crucial!

8 Weeks Prior to your Move

To minimize stress you should begin planning far ahead of time, if possible. Between 4 and 8 weeks before you move, consider the following:

  • Line up your Truck Rental. Assess the total contents of your dwelling and determine what additional equipment you will need such as a furniture dolly or Packing Blankets. Contact your moving truck rental business and reserve your equipment.
  • Make sure to schedule the disconnection of utilities from your old location and contact your new utility company about turning them on in your new location.
  • If your new location will be smaller than your present one consider whether to rent Self Storage in your destination city.
  • Begin reviewing your possessions to determine which, if any, may be donated to charity or sold at a garage sale. A move is a great opportunity to clean house and downsize your clutter!
  • If you have any home repairs that you’ve been putting off, this would be a good time to do it. If you’re trying to sell your house you don’t want any issues that will hurt your asking price.

2 – 3 Weeks Prior to your Move

As your moving date draws closer you should begin preparing. Consider these options:

  • Begin packing items you will not be using again before you move. This will help avoid a last-minute flurry of packing and will help the move go smoothly.
  • Remember to label your boxes as you pack! If you need Moving Boxes we have a wide variety available at Maxwell Mini Storage.
  • Remember to visit the Post Office in person on online and submit your change of address/mail forwarding documents!
  • If you are planning a long-distance move you may want to have your vehicles serviced to avoid the stress of breaking down in the middle of your move.
  • If you will need any specialized tools to assemble furniture at your destination, it may be a good idea to separate those tools out and pack them in their own box. Be sure you label it so it doesn’t get packed at the front of the truck!

The Week of your Move

The final week before you move is for any last-minute cleaning, packing, and so on that you need to have done before you go:

  • If you want to be sure to get your full deposit back consider thoroughly cleaning the apartment you are leaving.
  • Determine what items you will need as soon as you arrive at your destination. Pack them separately from everything else and clearly label the box.
  • If you have young children, consider arranging for someone to watch them on moving day so you can load the truck without distractions.

Moving Day! (or the day before)

Your big day has finally arrived!

If you’ve followed your checklist you should already have most of the important matters taken care of. Just try to relax and enjoy the experience:

  • Go pick up your rental truck the evening before the move, if it will not cause you to incur additional costs. That way you can have it fueled and situated for loading first thing in the morning.
  • The night before the move, relax. Take the evening off. Rent a movie (don’t forget to ask a friend or neighbor to return it for you!), pop it in your laptop, make some popcorn, and try to get to sleep early. If you have children and your beds are already disassembled you can have a “camping trip” in the living room: lay a mattress on the floor and pretend you’re camping in the woods. The kids will like it and it may help take their minds off of any sadness they may feel.
  • As you load up, designate a place to put last-minute donations of items you may come across and decide you don’t need.
  • Prepare any cards, etc. you may wish to give to your neighbors before you leave.

Have fun!

Life is an adventure, and the day of the move is a memorable experience.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kathryn Fletcher at Maxwell Mini Storage. We’ve done this before.

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