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Self-Storage Units Come in Many Sizes

October 19, 2016

Maxwell Mini Storage rents Self-Service Storage Units in Montgomery, Alabama ranging from 5×5 to 20×30 in size. Contact Kathryn Fletcher for a free quote or tour of our Storage Facilities. We’re located at 312 Air Base Blvd, MontgomeryAL 36108

We’re located near Maxwell AFB, AL (MXF) and Interstate Highways I-85 & I-65, putting us within quick and easy reach no matter where you are in Montgomery..

Watch the video (or read the transcript) and learn about the various sizes of storage units available and what they can store.

In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • The various sizes of Storage Units
  • Self Storage ideas based on size of unit

Video courtesy of Storage Choice ¹ (Duration: 2:33)

What Size Self Storage Unit Do You Need?

Begin transcript

“You can be honest with me. Is your wife tired of seeing that collection of Michael Jordan Wheaties boxes that are going to be worth money someday?

Are you talented in carnival games and your garage is exploding with extra-large stuffed animals?

It’s time to consider a storage unit.

But what size do you need for those precious items?

Storage units come in many sizes to make it convenient for your needs. Typically, the smallest storage unit you can get is a 5×5, or 25 square feet.

This is about the size of a regular closet. This is a great choice for personal items, seasonal clothing, snow skis, children’s toys, small furniture, or business materials.

Depending on the range of items you need to store, a 5×10, being 50 square feet, or the 5×15, being 75 square feet, are the size of a normal to large walk-in closet and are great options for small amounts of furniture such as sofas, chairs, chest of drawers, box springs and mattress, business records, or other small items.

These could be great options for that college student home for the summer.

The next size up is a 10×10, or 100 square feet. This is about half the size of a one-car garage and fits a standard one-bedroom apartment’s worth of furniture and major appliances.

It can be a great option for when you’re staging your home to sell, to clean up the clutter and open some space.

When you need the larger options for storage, such as doing a home renovation or storing that vintage car, you might consider the 10×15 providing 150 square feet, or think of it as two-thirds of a one-car garage.

A 10×20, which is 200 square feet, being the size of a standard one-car garage. Or even 300 square feet in a 10×30, which is the size of a standard two-car garage.

And if you need a little more help calculating the storage size you need, Storage Choice has a size calculator on their website.

So, whatever your needs, there is a unit just the right size.

Storage Choice offers these sizes with options in climate control and non-climate control, plus 24/7 access.

You want convenience, cleanliness and security.

You’ll find it, with Storage Choice, because what is important to you is safe with us.”

End transcript

¹ Storage Choice, a self storage provider in Texas, provides different sizes of self storage for all types of storage needs.

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