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Temperature controlled storage—the next level of safeguarding your assets

With hundreds of thousands of tons of perishable goods being wasted all around the world on an annual basis, improper storage is an issue that has brought losses to countless enterprises around the world. Thanks to the power of climate-controlled storage, however, things have become much better.

Today, you can be sitting in Washington Park, or anywhere in Montgomery, for example, and just search for ‘climate controlled storage near me’ on the internet. Within a matter of seconds, you will know locations of multiple air conditioned and temperature controlled storage facilities that will help your products/goods stay in the condition you need them in.

These facilities have temperature-controlled environments with round-the-clock monitoring and automated adjustments on climate. Needless to say, they are perfectly equipped to take care of your belongings, keeping them from going bad in any sense of the word. But is this the case with every ‘indoor storage units near me’ you Google? And how beneficial are temperature controlled units for businesses?

Before we answer these questions, let’s dive into what temperature controlled storage means, and how it helps you from losing a lot of money.

The next level of storage

Are storage units climate controlled?

The answer is, not necessarily.

Temperature controlled storage environments work on the simple principle of preserving the environment that suits the needs of your goods well.  This is what makes them different. Your preferred temperature for these indoor storage units can be warm or hot, depending on the goods you need to store, or even the freezing temperatures most biological substances need to be in, in order to avoid the development of bacterial culture.

Climate controlled storage units facilitate you to control the temperature of the environment within a certain range (of Fahrenheit of degrees). The most commonly used climate controlled storage units offer you a wide range of temperature control. How it works is simple—if the temperature is, say, 50 or 60 degrees outside, and the ideal temperature for your goods is 22-26 degrees, that is what the climate of the facility will be like.

Indoor storage units and climate contained self-storage facilities have proven to be a boon for people throughout the US, and they have been saving a lot of money by preserving their goods from harm—both for short periods of time (days or weeks) to even months, or an entire season.

Helping businesses save money and have a piece of mind

From Air conditioned storage units for pharmaceutical and FMCG enterprises to heated storage units for companies who use our temperature controlled storage for their in-house needs—we have been spreading our wings and setting up facilities for businesses and students alike.

Complying with the government’s regulations for temperature controlled storage units and offering you not just climate controlled storage but also excellent air quality, as much space as you need, round-the-clock security and a reasonable cost per square foot, you can have total peace of mind on your goods.

Some of the temperature controlled storage units are located near Maxwell AFB that you can have access to for storing your industrial-grade goods. You can also find facilities in Cottage Hill.

You can have a look in the Old Alabama town, Hank Williams statue, Rosa Park’s museum, Dexter Parsonage Museum, and multiple places near Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery. Finding climate-controlled self-storage is not a problem in these parts.

So far, medical vendors have been using these storage units to keep their supplies protected from going bad. In addition to that, retail businesses have been subscribing to air conditioned storage units for the purposes of self-storing their inventory. Real estate companies are storing their construction materials, and even students have been using these facilities to store their university projects and even personal belongings.

We live in a time where businesses need to save money and preserve their resources. Using temperature-controlled storage doesn’t just give them the gratification of being able to save costs and resources—it also gives them the peace of mind about their resources. With varying degrees of temperature not being a problem for their goods, and them getting 24-hour monitoring with their packages (in case of people planning to travel for weeks or months, they store their personal belongings), it’s safe to say that temperature controlled storage facilities have helped businessmen and common folk alike.

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