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Rental Trailers in Montgomery

We’re located near Maxwell Air Force Base, Downtown Montgomery and Interstate Highways I-65 & I-85. Maxwell Mini Storage provides Trailer Rentals in Montgomery, Alabama. There are nearly as many types of trailers as there are vehicles to tow them, and Maxwell Mini Storage is ready to assist. Also, we are an authorized U-Haul Dealer providing Trailers from U-Haul in the Montgomery River Region.

Utility Trailers

Utility Trailers have a variety of uses. Maxwell Mini Storage provides Utility Trailer Rentals in Montgomery, Alabama.

They are most commonly chosen for local moves or deliveries, but are even used to transport items for large home improvement projects.

They come in a variety of sizes from small enough to be towed by your personal vehicle to larger Utility Trailers that require a Rental Truck to tow them. Larger trailers can transport bigger items, such as a motorcycle or large home appliances.

Car Hauler Trailer

Maxwell Mini Storage leases Car Trailers in Montgomery, Alabama.

When you are moving your home, you often have to think about how you will transport the vehicles.

If you are a two adult household that owns two vehicles, getting the second vehicle to the new destination can be a problem. Rather than doing a lot of back and forth between locations, you can use Car Trailer Rental to make the job easier.

Also known as a Car Hauler Trailer 4, one adult can drive one car while the other is pulled on one of the car hauling trailers that are available based on the size and capabilities of the vehicle being transported.

Car Hauling Trailers come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Tow Dolly Trailer

Maxwell Mini Storage leases Tow Dolly Trailers in Montgomery, Alabama.

A Tow Dolly is another type of Car Hauling Trailer. Our Tow Dolly Trailers have a single axle (2 wheels) and tow a car by allowing it to rest on its two rear wheels, while the front wheels are held in-place by the dolly. Car Hauler Trailers (discussed in the previous section) place the entire car on the trailer, which is open, and carries the full weight of the car. Whether you just need a Tow Dolly Trailer 5 to pull your front-wheel drive vehicle or an Automobile Trailer, which places the car completely on the trailer and transports it, you can get your car to its new destination safely.

Motorcycle Trailer

Maxwell Mini Storage rents Motorcycle Trailers in Montgomery, Alabama.

If your move includes a motorcycle, Motorcycle Trailers can be very helpful.

These trailers typically have small side walls and rings to make tying it down simple.

You can use the Motorcycle Trailer Rental for vacation trips, transport to the shop for repair, or long distance relocation. Some trailers can tow more than one motorcycle.

Either way, the motorcycle will remain safe and be easy to transport behind your moving truck or with your own vehicle.

Rental Trailers in Montgomery

Maxwell Mini Storage is a local provider of Moving Trailer Rentals in Montgomery..

Moving Trailer Rentals can help to make your move a little easier by providing extra room for certain items or giving you the ability to transport a car along with your personal/business belongings.

There are a variety of Moving Trailers for Rent including:

    • Utility Trailers
    • Cargo Trailers
    • Car Hauler Trailers
    • Tow Dollies
    • Motorcycle Moving Trailers

Each trailer has its own weight limits and Towing Capacities which are important to understand to ensure that you rent a trailer that works for your needs, getting your belongings to their new destination safely and efficiently. Remember, if you need Trailer STORAGE Services instead of Trailer RENTALMaxwell Mini Storage also offers Self Storage.

Cargo Trailers

Maxwell Mini Storage leases Cargo Trailers in Montgomery, Alabama.

Cargo Trailers are an Enclosed Trailer, providing protection for your items as you transport them either across town or across the country.

They come in a variety of sizes and capabilities. The smallest Enclosed Trailer Rental can be towed by any vehicle, while the larger sizes will need to be used with a Truck Rental to safely transport it.

Cargo Trailers for rent are completely enclosed, which means you can move your items, whether personal or business during any type of weather and not have to worry about their safety.

They resemble the body of a Box Truck, with the exception that they are towed behind your car or truck. Also, if you need Moving Supplies, we’ve got you covered!

Choosing A Trailer Rental Service

Determining your needs for Trailer Rental is the most crucial first step.

  • Are you moving a large number of items?
  • Do your belongings need to be protected from the weather?
  • Should the trailer be enclosed for protection from loss or theft?
  • Are you making a short trip with home improvement items that can be exposed to the elements?

If you are moving a vehicle, determine the type of vehicle and its capabilities to determine if a Tow Dolly or Car Trailer Rental is more appropriate.

Once you know what your belongings need, choosing the correct Trailer Rental becomes a simple matter!

Maxwell Mini Storage strives to be your Trailer Rental Agency  of choice.

Contact us for questions or reservations.

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