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Using a U-Haul Appliance Dolly

Maxwell Mini Storage is an authorized, independent U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer, providing products and services in Montgomery, Alabama.

Were located near Maxwell Air Force Base (MXF), and a short drive from the Interstate Interchange I-85 and I-65.

U-Haul Moving Equipment

One of the most requested types of Moving Equipment is our U-Haul Appliance Dolly.

Appliance dollies can make your move much easier, but only if you know how to use one safely and efficiently.

Take a moment to watch the following short video, and when moving time rolls around be sure you check out the dollies at U-Haul in Montgomery, Alabama. Also, make sure you have a trusted friend to help move those BIG appliances!

Video courtesy of: Jeremy Donohue ¹ (Duration: 3:36)

Begin transcript

“Hi, my name is Jeremy Donohue.

Welcome to the U-Haul Tech Center.

Today I’m going to show you how to load an appliance onto a vehicle using our appliance dolly.

What you want to do first is go over to your dolly and unwind the strap from the dolly. Hold it in your left hand so you don’t trip over it when you’re putting the appliance up on it, in this case it will be a refrigerator.

Move the dolly up to the edge, push up, slide the dolly under and then you’ll want to wind the strap around the refrigerator.

You want to make sure that the strap is centered on the refrigerator from the dolly. Take these straps and push them through both rings. Fold the end of the strap over the first ring and pull it tight.

The next thing you want to do is come over to the red handle here, and turn it to the right, or counter clockwise.

When you’re doing this, you want to make sure that all the plugs and wires are hanging up so you don’t trip on them.

The next thing I’m going to show you how to do is move your appliance safely up on the truck.

For moving an appliance like this, you’re going to need another person to help you – we have Ed here, he’s going to help me put the refrigerator up on the truck.

I’m going to come over here, your second man should be on the other side.

I’m going to put my foot down and lift up. When you’re loading and unloading heavy things, especially when you’re loading, you want to go up backwards so the appliance is in front of you when you’re walking up.

Watch the top of the appliance and make sure it doesn’t hit the top of the roof.

This makes it very easy instead of hand carrying it into the truck.

The next thing I’m going to do is show you how to take it off of the truck. When you’re taking it off of the truck you want to do the same thing, you want the appliance to go down first and you follow.

Ready, Ed? Yeah!

Okay, steer it a little bit to your left. Okay, straighten it out…

Using our appliance dolly can make your move a lot easier. It makes it a lot safer and easier on your back.

Thanks very much.”

End transcript

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