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Vehicle storage units for students

How to choose a great storage unit for your vehicle

The student life is full of challenges. The future is still uncertain, you have to make several kinds of adjustments in a fast-changing environment, and this is the time where one moves around a lot. One has to move on and off-campus, between semester breaks, holidays and more. This is where storage solutions come in handy. While you are in transit, you can use a storage unit to keep your belongings safe and secure. Be it your car or regular everyday items.

In this article, we will break down the factors that will decide if you are able to choose a great storage unit for your vehicle.

What to consider when looking for in a vehicle storage unit in Montgomery, Alabama

There are some key points that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for a climate-controlled storage unit in Montgomery, Alabama. Let’s go through them one-by-one.

Cost: Always get multiple quotations from multiple climate-controlled storage facilities so that you can compare them and decide which one is giving you the best value for your money. If you end up paying a higher price than your budget or requirement, then it will only burn a hole in your pocket. You will often find vendors who will try to upsell you.

Security: If you are looking for a vehicle storage unit for your car or bike, look for one that has good surveillance systems and security cameras in place. Make sure that your vehicle is well protected and guarded, 24×7.

Insurance: Ask if the vehicle storage facility in Montgomery, Alabama provides insurance or not. If they do, find out about the extra charges that are going to be levied. Always ensure that the insurance covers your vehicle against not only theft but also unfortunate accidents like fire etc.

Location: Choose a location that is not too far away from where you live. It should be within walking distance to make it easily accessible in times of need.

Access: Make sure that the vehicle storage unit that you rent is accessible to you at all times. Find out the rules of the facility. Do not depend on the employees to give access to your vehicle. Choose a facility that has 24×7, handy access.

Self-drive: There are two kinds of services that are provided by most vehicle storage facilities in Montgomery, Alabama. One is a self-drive facility where the owner of the vehicle drives the vehicle in and out of the storage unit and it has no involvement of the employee of the facility.

The second one is where the facility provides drive-in and drive-out services where an employee of the facility will bring the car to you when required. In most cases, the first option is a better one because it gives the owner complete control. So decide which service is best suited to your requirements and rent a vehicle storage unit accordingly.

Open or covered: One very important key point to remember is the choice between an open and a covered storage unit. The former will cost you lesser than the latter but it will lack overall protection for your vehicle. Rain, heat, and dust will eventually cause the vehicle to discolor, rust and make it prone to some form of external damage. Whereas a covered storage unit will protect your vehicle from external damages.

Duration: It is important that you first decide the duration for which you will be needing the climate-controlled vehicle storage unit. The longer you rent it for, the more discounted price you might get for it. The charges are usually higher when it is a short term rent duration.

Reputation:  Since you will be renting the storage unit for your vehicle, go for a reputed brand in Montgomery, Alabama. This will ensure some quality of services and trust, which will buy you peace of mind. Avoid a new facility as they will be inexperienced and might end up costing you more money. Go for a brand that has been in business for a significant amount of years and have good experience in the said industry. They might come at a higher rate than a new brand, but it’ll be worth the money that you spend.

These were some of the important points that one needs to remember when renting a car storage unit in Montgomery, Alabama. Make a well informed and well-researched decision. Ask people who have rented vehicle storage units before about what to expect and how to be prepared. We wish you all the best!

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