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Maxwell Mini Storage leases enclosed and Outdoor Vehicle Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.

We’re located near Maxwell Air Force Base¹ and serve the entire Montgomery River Region.

“A vehicle is a mobile machine that transports people or cargo. Most often, vehicles are manufactured…” ~ Wikipedia

That covers just about everything from wagons and bikes to aircraft and spacecraft.

Types of Vehicle Storage

  • Automobile Storage
  • Personal Watercraft & Boat Storage
  • Motorcycle Storage
  • RV & Camper Storage
  • Trailer Storage
  • Bicycle Storage

Maxwell Mini Storage has Vehicle Storage Space for nearly any “mobile machine” you own. However, you better call ahead if you’re flying a saucer. You can find us near the intersection of Air Base Blvd & Day St, downtown Montgomery and the Maxwell Heights neighborhood³.


Many people own more than one vehicle, including cars, boats, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. Finding enough storage space can be a big problem.Whether it rolls, floats, tows or flies, Maxwell Mini Storage probably has storage space for your vehicle.

  • Car Storage
  • Truck Storage


Maxwell Mini Storage leases outdoor storage space and inside storage units for automobiles.We also have Temperature & Humidity Control for extra protection from extreme climate variations. Enclosed storage also reduces wear and damage from dust and dirt.Like a standard home garage, enclosed Storage Rentals provide additional storage opportunities in the space around your auto.No matter what type of automobile you own, or what you call “that thing with wheels”, Maxwell Mini Storage has Automobile Storage solutions.

Car Storage in Montgomery, Alabama

Are you concerned about exposing your car to the elements?

Is it at risk for vandalism or theft?

You might own a rare car that you bought as an investment. You may have an extra car that you rarely use.

It might be time to consider a Storage Rental Space for your “sweet ride”.

Whether it’s that Porsche 911 that you only take out on weekends or special occasions, or that ’65 Ford Mustang you want to tuck away until you have time to restore to its original grandeur, we have the Car Storage Facilities needed to protect your “toys”.

Car Storage Solutions

If you travel for extended periods or live only part of the year in the Montgomery, Alabama area, you may prefer to leave your car in storage with Maxwell Mini Storage.

We provide outdoor storage and enclosed storage units. Our larger units can accommodate two cars.

Be sure to take advantage of additional storage space around your cars for small, miscellaneous items.

Contact Maxwell Mini Storage in Montgomery, Alabama for the best possible Storage Options for your Car.


Horse Trailers, Utility Trailers or Boat Trailers… Maxwell Mini Storage offers enclosed and outdoor Trailer Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.

We’re located across the street from Maxwell Air Force Base and near Interstates I-65 and I-85.

There are nearly as many different types of trailers as there are automobiles that tow them. If you’re in need of trailer storage space, we have plenty of outdoor storage for trailers of all sizes and configurations, including full-size tractor-trailer rigs.

Smaller trailers, like Motorcycle Trailers will fit in our medium to larger storage units. And don’t forget we can store your boat trailer, too!

Contact Maxwell Mini Storage when you need an affordable, convenient solution for Trailer Storage in the Montgomery River Region.


Maxwell Mini Storage offers Truck Storage in Montgomery, Alabama. We’re located next to Maxwell Air Force Base (AFB).

Whether you need outdoor storage for large work trucks or enclosed storage for that collector’s edition pickup truck, our Truck Storage Facility has the storage space you need.

You may prefer to ‘Keep on Truckin’, but sometimes you need to take a break.

If finding suitable, affordable Truck Storage Space is a problem for you, contact Maxwell Mini Storage for a free quote.


Whether you compete in professional road bicycle races or you’re a weekend mountain biker, Maxwell Mini Storage offers Bike Storage in Montgomery, Alabama.Bicycles provide a clean, convenient and healthy transportation alternative. Improperly stored bicycles pose a hazard in residential communities. Bicycles attached to buildings can damage the trim and create an obstruction.

Secured Bike Storage Space protects your bike from theft and damage by the elements. There’s also an aesthetic rationale for indoor storage as well. Bicycles chained to fences, lampposts and stair railings are unsightly.

If you live in an apartment or have limited storage space, contact Maxwell Mini Storage.

For Vehicle Storage Options and Solutions, contact Maxwell Mini Storage for a tour of our facility or a free quote.

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