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Why Renting a Storage Unit Online Saves You Time and Money

For most of us, storage is an everyday hassle, which we just cannot seem to get rid of. Be it temporary or for long term purposes, getting a good storage unit is an absolute nightmare.

There are many aspects to look into when one is looking for a storage unit. Right from what type of storage services to choose – self-service or full service, to how much to shell out for the storage units, to what size of storage unit to be rented, what to look for when you are searching for good storage unit facilities. Let us start with the basics of self-storage.


Types of storage unit options available

There are two types of storage options available in the market for you to take your pick from. The first is full-service storage sheds, which is a storage facility that gives all kinds of services which saves you the hassle of moving the furniture or belongings into the storage shed yourself.

This kind of facility offers to pick and drop services for your ease and comfort. With this type of a storage shed, you can schedule a drop or pick up just by using your smartphones. They also provide complete documentation of your belongings so that you can keep a track of them. Some full-service storage providers are as follows– Clutter (San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Log Angeles, New Jersey, Orange County, Santa Barbara, California and San Diego), Trove (Greater San Francisco Bay Area), RedBin (New York), MakeSpace (Los Angeles, DC, New York, and Chicago), and Cubiq (Greater Boston Area).

The second category of storage units is based on self-service storage. This type of storage option is the most commonly used kind. These are budget friendly and widely preferred for self-storage needs. In this, the customer is responsible for leaving or picking their belongings as well as documenting them. Some storage sheds are Extra Space Storage, U-Haul, and Public Storage etc.


Important facts to remember when renting a storage facility

  • Size – When renting storage units, it is important to estimate the size of the unit depending on your requirements. Fortunately, most storage sheds offer a wide range of size options ranging from a moderate 5’x5′ to extra space storage options of 10’x20′. The prices for each size differs of course.
  • Get the Lowest Price – It is important to look into your budget while picking a storage unit near you. Most storage facilities make their pricing based on how big or small the unit is and for how long you are renting it out. You can rent it out on a monthly basis for your short term needs or else for a year or more for long term needs. You can book your storage units online and book it at a cheaper rate than actually visiting the facility.
  • Guaranteed Availability – It is advisable to book your storage unit online so that you can see if there is actually a storage unit that matches your requirement, that is available or not. A lot of times, these logistical errors results in a lot of time wastage. Nowadays, you can just di an online search for ‘storage units near me’ and get something that is convenient.
  • Quick and Easy – By booking your storage unit online (simply search ‘storage near me’ and you will find some options) you can directly facilitate the moving of your belongings to the unit and cut down valuable time which would otherwise be lost in actually visiting the office and setting up a unit.
  • Hassle Free – The storage facility that you choose should be able to accommodate your changing needs and make your life hassle-free. If your self-storage needs require you to rent out a larger unit at some point, it should be an easy process for you to make the transfer of your belongings.


Things to keep in mind before you rent a storage unit

  • Climate control (if you need to store temperature-sensitive goods)
  • Ease of accessibility
  • Security measures taken by the storage shed to protect your belongings
  • The infrastructure of the facility like lighting, protection from leakages etc.
  • Online reviews of the facility before you rent it
  • Kinds of items allowed to store in the unit, like RVs, motorcycles etc.
  • Insurance provided by the facility (and insurance availabilities on the market)
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