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Deciphering the factors that determine if you really need a climate-controlled storage unit or not

The whole moving experience can be a big change in life and have a significant emotional impact. The next time you move into a new home and wonder what to do with the old belongings that have a high emotional value for you, just Google “the best climate-controlled storage near me”.

Go through the results and find a climate-controlled storage unit near you that offers you good rates and is suitable for your storage needs.

Thanks to digitization, that’s all it takes these days. Now, let’s talk about what you can store in these temperature-controlled units.

What can you store in a climate-controlled storage unit?

Wooden furniture: Antiques and wooden hand-me-down furniture are the best items to be stored in climate-controlled storage units. Storing wooden furniture can be a bit tricky, they need the right kind of temperature, humidity and air quality to keep it from cracking, or catching molds and fungus. Wrap them in a good quality cloth and then store them in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Leather items: Leather items get damaged very easily. High heat and humidity can cause it to rot and melt. A temperature-controlled storage unit keeps away external elements like heat, dust, rain, humidity, etc. Most climate-controlled storage units have internal humidity control, which helps in maintaining a steady humidity level. This prevents your belongings from perishing or being affected by moisture.

Appliances: Electronics can malfunction and get damaged due to dust and humidity. A climate-controlled storage unit is ideal to store electronic appliances due to its steady internal climate conditions. The good air quality and temperature help in keeping the metal parts of the appliances from rusting. Remember—rust and moisture are cancers for your electronic appliances. Household appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, toasters, ovens etc. are some of the items that need climate-controlled storage units.

Musical instruments: For people who have an interest in musical instruments, storing them can be a big hassle—especially when you’re away for a long time, or are not using and cleaning them regularly. Climate-controlled storage units can help in keeping the instruments in a good condition. The steady temperature settings keep the wood from drying out and cracking. The metal strings also stay protected from rust and damage if kept within a climate-controlled storage unit. Instruments like drums, guitars, flutes, violins etc. can be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Artworks and paintings: Artworks and paintings are valuable and delicate. They need special conditions for storage. The paint is perishable and needs to be protected from dust, debris, water, heat, molds, and fungus. A temperature-controlled storage unit provides the ideal conditions that can help maintain paintings and artworks well-preserved.

Documents and photographs: Photo albums and various important documents can be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit for safekeeping. Since paper can be damaged easily by heat, dust, debris, water, a controlled internal environment is ideal for its storage. You can rent a temperature-controlled storage unit in Montgomery Al (or a place near you) and have a peace of mind about your treasured memories.

These were some of the examples of the items that can be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit or a self-storage unit for safe-keeping. There are other items that one can store in temperature-controlled units like books, mattresses, records, special collections, wine, and clothing. Remember the rule of thumb—if it can’t survive all four seasons well, it needs a temperature-controlled environment.

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